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Prora From Megalomania to new Beginning

Eterra Group - Prora

The Colossus of Prora – Megalomania, Failure, and Rebirth – The Fascinating Saga of a German Symbol through the Eyes of Daniel Slenters, Entrepreneur from Magdeburg.

ELB The Future of Sustainable Construction in Magdeburg

Eterra Gruppe - Future Construction

As part of the transition towards becoming a climate-positive city, the Eterra Group is setting sustainable standards for the real estate industry with its Eco Land Building (ELB). Focusing on the implementation of the EU Taxonomy Regulation and the European Green Deal requirements, the Eterra Group is shaping the future of construction in the present.

World Food Day 2023 Leave no one behind

Grow Express - World food day

World Food Day 2023 with the motto „Water is Life, Water is Food. Leave No One Behind.“ GrowExpress Ltd.: A Vision for Sustainable Agriculture and Self-Help in Nigeria.

Indoor Farming – The Future of Agriculture is Sustainable

Start-up News aus ganz Europa

The world is continuously facing new challenges to feed the world’s population. Challenges affect the climate and make sustainability in agricultural production necessary – by Jörg Trübl, board member of the Swiss MABEWO AG in Küssnacht am Rigi.

Europe’s energy future: Independence

Start-up News aus ganz Europa

A look into the future of energy production and the strategic importance of independence in the Baltic European region – Europe on the way to independence: renewable energies such as offshore wind energy as a solution.