Eco Land Building (ELB) ETERRA’s Vision for Sustainable Construction in the Present

Eterra Group - Eco Land Building

Magdeburg, November 21, 2023 – The world is facing one of its greatest challenges in history: climate change. In the midst of this global change, the ETERRA Group from Magdeburg emerges as a pioneer of sustainable construction. Their Eco Land Building (ELB) program promises not only a change in the cityscape of Magdeburg, but also […]

World Food Day 2023: The challenges and Europe’s role

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By Valentin Jahn, author and futurologist – in conversation with environmental engineer Jörg Trübl, CEO MABEWO AG. In the golden month of October, when nature turns into a colourful spectacle and the chestnuts fall from the trees, we encounter two events that could not be more opposite. They bring home to us in a striking […]

Zukunft Medizialcannabis nach GACP-Zertifizierung

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Innovative Indoor Farming Technologien für Produktstandards im “Good Agricultural and Collection Practice” (GACP) – MABEWO Gruppe bietet eine Anlagenpalette für optimales Wachstum mit Hightech und Datenmanagement.

Breathing Right for a Healthy Mindset: Impacts on Body and Mind

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Breathing is one of the most essential bodily functions of human beings and influences both the body and the mind. It has been proven that conscious and correct breathing has a variety of physical and psychological effects that impact overall well-being.

Vilnius Lithuania’s vibrant capital awaits NATO Summit


Vilnius: The Vibrant Capital of Lithuania Awaits NATO Summit on July 11-12, 2023 A City Full of Tension and Excitement The city of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is currently a place full of tension and excitement. Everything seems to be vibrating here, and the people are filled with restlessness. The reason for this is […]

Never remove mould without protective equipment

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Expert tips from PPE Germany GmbH – Respiratory protection equipment for mould removal. Why fragrance lamps, incense sticks or room fragrance sprays are no solution to mould infestation – In conversation with Max Leber, Managing Director of PPE Germany GmbH from Berlin.

Ingenious idea mask in the operating theatre

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In 1897, the introduction of mouth-nose masks marked a significant milestone in healthcare. Initially made from gauze bandages, masks and hygiene measures played a vital role in preventing infections. However, the use of masks should consider patient comfort and communication challenges. Despite potential drawbacks, masks remain crucial for global health.

May 12 is the annual „International Nurses Day“

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The day of action was first launched by the International Council of Nurces in 1965, and in 2023 it will have a special theme of „Nurses: A Voice to Lead – A vision for future healthcare (health is a human right). In Germany, campaigns are taking place under the motto #5after12. Worldwide, around 28 million […]